Customized Moving Packages By Queens Quay Moving Ltd.

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Moving to a new house is an emotional process as it involves uprooting yourself from your familiar surroundings and building a new life within a different community. Besides being sentimental, the prospect of moving can cause a great deal of stress and expenses. 

To overcome these negative feelings and ease your way into a new home, there is a certain amount of planning required. Whether it is picking the right packing material or transport vehicle, you need to make confident decisions at every step of the way to ensure all your belongings are safely packed and transported. If you aren’t thoroughly prepared, the whole process can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to handle within the expected timeline. 

As experienced movers, the experts at Queens Quay Moving Ltd. understand the stress and challenges most families are faced with during a move. To help you avoid these obstacles during your transition to your new home, we provide you with a detailed plan and convenient packing options to smoothly transport your possessions.

Customized moving packages
Before you begin packing your belongings, you must create an inventory of the things you want to have transported. Once your list is ready, the next step is to source suitable moving packages to courier your appliances and possessions conveniently. That’s where we come in! 

As professional movers and packers, at Queens Quay Moving Ltd., we take great pride in offering a range of moving packages, customizable to a variety of needs.

Our moving boxes and materials are customized to accommodate all of your belongings and offer you a hassle-free experience from start to finish. If you have trouble deciding on your packaging requirements, we help you make your choices in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.

We assess your needs, measure your appliances and large belongings, and assess the number of other possessions before determining the quantity and type of packages you’ll need. Following this process helps us work quickly and save you money on your packaging.

Our vast range of moving boxes and supplies offer many sizes, heights, types, strengths, and purposes. Our small boxes are one-and-a-half cubic feet and ideal for small heavy items like books, records, cans, food, kitchenware, and flatware. Our three cubic foot moving box are medium-sized boxes and perfect for heavier items as they offer a mid-range lifting experience. Our other boxes are four-and-a-half cubic feet to six cubic feet in size and perfect for softer, lighter items.

We also have special packages for fragile and delicate items like mirrors, appliances, glassware, etc. In addition, we even provide protective materials like bubble wrap, industry-standard tissue paper, and packing paper, packing tape, and re-sealable bags for different items.

To sort out your customized moving packaging needs today, reach out to Queens Quay Moving Ltd.! The benefits of working with us are manifold, as we make sure you feel heard, cherished, and well catered to when you choose us.

As a leading moving company in Toronto, ON, we provide you flexible quintessential moving and packing services to alleviate the aches and pains of re-location. With over ten years of experience in this field, we’ve built a vast client base and designed reliable services for various needs. Moreover, on account of our experience, no job is too big or small for us to handle. We believe that every one of our clients is unique and valuable in their own right. As a result, we ensure that their different needs are met with appropriate solutions.

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